Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome Home


That's the sound of the Panthers crashing back down to reality after a string of 8 straight games with at least a point. 8-2-3 in their last 13 coming into the game, the Panthers reverted back to the form that got them into a hole to begin with. That defense sure looked like a bunch of cones on a driver's ed course. And they probably had the same decision making skills tonight too.

Home ice advantage be damned! Florida's 3-6-3 home record is good for 29th in the NHL, ahead of only the same Maple Leafs that beat us tonight. For a team that is desperate to build up a larger fan base, losing two out of every three times at home, including an entire three game home stand is not a good formula.

Now Florida has to worry which Scott Clemmensen shows up tomorrow night. Will it be solid Scotty C. or Swiss Cheese Clemmy? The two points up for grabs may hinge on that answer.

In an attempt to look on the bright side, like that giant sun on the top of Vokoun's mask, here's something to consider. The Panthers have made the playoffs three times in their history, all with Bill Clinton in office -- the last coming in his final year. Once George W. Bush took over, Florida never sniffed the playoffs. With a Democrat back in office, maybe the trend will change again? Come to think of it, maybe that sun has scrambled my brain more than my eyes.

Random thought of the night: Why doesn't anybody copy the trend of Boise State's blue field? How cool would my FAU Owls coming out on red turf look? Am I right? Who's with me? *Crickets*

Random hockey related thought of the night: Couple of huge comebacks tonight. Atlanta drowns Carolina in the dive pool with a third period rally and the Sharks drill the Oilers with a furious rally. The Hurricanes are like professional tankers. When they're good, they go all the way and when they're bad, they get a top five pick. Why can't we do that? We might as well be called the Florida DraftersInThe10-14SlotEr's.

That is all. It's good to be back.